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Beginning of cool and interesting journey

Hey all, welcome to my blog.

I'm starting this blog toady, June 1st 2017, to be able to connect with people that are interested in Triathlon, exercise, healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and more positive things. I would like to ask you to please give your email, name, so I can keep you in my file and send you articles, news and tips etc.

And I'm open to learn too, if you have any good information, please share with me.

Today during my ride, accidentally I had my tire cut, so, most people would freak out and call someone to pick up. I use my experience and made a patch using my Mr Tough. And put lower pressure and got back home safely. I was about 10 miles far from home.

Tip: If this situation happen with you, you can do the same thing but don't risk yourself, if you ride down hill, be careful, don't develop too much speed because the tube can explode. You can also put your body weight more in the opposite wheel of the problem. If you have extra time, use the best tire in the rear wheel and the cut tire in the front wheel.

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